[Wizard Academy] The Timeless Knight: Prologue

His vision was blurred as he slowly opened his eye lids to the majestic architecture that lay infront of him. He look around to find himself laying at the foot of one such beautifully carved pillar, an architectural marvel he had never witnessed. He slowly supported himself on his feet, his head still dizzy he leaned on the pillar for support as his left hand rose to his head as if trying to figure the situation.

As his state stabilized, he looked around to assess the situation. It was an architecture of an unknown style that radiated antiquity. Given he didn't find any kind of attachment or cementing the whole establishment seemed to be craved from a single stone. 

It seemed like an corridor, a pretty long one. There was an intense light at one end of one side while pitch darkness on the other. He started to make his way towards the light. As he paced forward the intensity increased tenfold and by the time he reached the end it was almost blinding. He struggled hard to keep his eye lids open. 

It was then he heard a voice, marvellous and astounding, it belonged to a lady. Her words radiated power and authority, but at the same time it was filled with affection and kindness. 

"Take him away. Far away" she called, "He is the one who shall bring order to the world. On his shoulders rests the responsibility of this world, to save it from destruction."

Her voice was calm, she continued, "Take him far away. For he shall once again return and bring order."

In a sudden flash of event, two men dressed in high-coats picked the baby from the what seemed to be a stone alter. As he tried to push further to get a better grasp of the situation, the time froze into a still and suddenly he felt as if he were falling backwards.


"Mr. Aron Chase." The man in his forties called from the professor's podium, "ARON CHASE!" 

Alfred instinctively jumped on his feets, yet confused he looked around to find Professor Alfred Cox growling in rage towards him.

Oh no! he thought, why does it have to be him? 

"For a student of the Imperial Magic Academy, dozing off in classroom is impeccably unacceptable", Professor Cox growled at him like a hungry wolf who is about to pounce on a young lamb, he was indeed the most unpopular teacher among the students due to his extreme strict, but no one can indeed deny his vastness and expertise in the subjects of Offensive Alchemy.

"Mr. Chaser you are awarded detention for the day, I should see you in the library after class."

Detention huh? That ain't really much of a punishment I you ask me. Aron thanked the stars for the lucky escape. Considering the past punishments awarded by the professor this was really ain't much, in fact, Aron had heard that professor Cox once sent a party from the fourth years to obtain a gaint's horn as a punishment for failing the class test. I'll have to careful for the future he thought to himself. As he sat on his seat.


At the set time Aron Chaser left for the library for his detention with Professor Cox. He descended the stair case level one and turned right to face the huge gothic doors leading to the Grand Library. Despite being an underground facility it was fairly lit, light magic automation huh, he thought to himself. He remembered an article he read in the New Mage Journal, about the ancient art of magic automation and infact he did witnessed a demonstration by Professor Hasan. But magic automation at such a large scale was truly a marvel.

He stepped forward the gates opened for him. His footsteps echoed as he paced his way through the spotless marvel floor. The architecture and the high roof was indeed a wonder. He made his way towards the reading section and took a seat at the farthest corner. The library as expected was empty, as under usual circumstances students were not allowed in. To become a member of the library the applicant needed to be either a teacher in the facility or to be the part of the skilled student military leigon. Though students had a seperate library on the second floor, it was nothing compared to the knowledge stored here.

As Aron was lost in his appreciation of the library he was disturbed by a call

"Aron?" It was professor Alfred. He stood there with a book in his hand leaning against the wall, "Professor Cox was kind enough to assign me the charge of today's detention. So before that let us have a chat about the dream you had."


Author's Note:
1. Hey everyone thank you reading the prologue, I hope you shall stick around for the chapters coming forth. There are a few things I will make clear about the story. So this series is the primary series, The Knight is supposed to be a "preceding" series. So I thought about completing this one first. After the completion of the series. I shall compile it into a book and publish it either as a ebook or a full-fledged published paperback.

2. If you have any queries, concerns or suggestions please feel free to use the comment section.

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