Wizard Academy - Prologue

It was a new moon night. An infernal darkness covered the sky with a fiendish silence. Perhaps the silence preceding a deadly storm, Aron Chaser thought to himself as he clutched against his sword. His face alight only by the flickering torch on a post supporting the sentry tower. His gaze fixed far into the horizon with a sense of alarm, a weird mixture of anxiety and excitement. He knew it was not the time to have second thoughts. He trained his whole life for this moment, he sacrificed so much for this day.

He stared intently into the vast gloom that over the frontier that shall soon bathe in blood, the blood of his comrades. That thought made his knees go weak, he felt nauseous for a moment, his heart became heavy. He sat on the base supported by his knees and looked up towards the heavens. He closed his eyes and plead to the Mother Goddess for guidance. 'O divine among the divine, the mother of the universe. I beseech thy guidance, for I may not forsake my duty under the illusions of the world. For I may wield my sword for destruction of the evil and for the protection of the weak. A great storm awaits at the other side of the dawn, deliver us to the glory and victory. O great mother reign destruction on our enemies.'

He felt a hand on his shoulder, a gentle grip. Mother? He thought and turned around in anticipation to find Commander Ertwood with his usual smile. "Alfred-niisan. I didn't expect to see you here."

"Well neither did I Aron." With is usual cheeky cheerful tone he replied "Though it isn't very favourable for the leader of an army to be kneeling in anxiety before the war."

Aron collected himself and stood up supported by his feet. He is right he thought to himself. The victory of an army depends on the competence of the general. Having a nervous breakdown before the battle isn't exactly the most favourable thing for the Brethren. He took a deep breath and with determination looked into Alfred's eye. Alfred smiled and walked towards the window, "Though I cannot help but feel anxious too. Tomorrow is a big day, the fate of the nation depends on that. The citizen have their faith in you. The knights assembled under your banner, they gave up their secured future to fight for the righteous Aron, fight for you. There is too much to lose."

"It may even end in a complete disaster. The Empire is strong. And the emperor perhaps even more brutal than you can ever imagine." He continued with another wry smile, "Though I know and I believe Aron, no matter the opposing atrocities you will give it your all and win."

"I won't fail you niisan"

"I know you won't. Gear up Aron it's almost dawn."


Author's Note:
Thank you for reading so far. With this I conclude the prologue of the first book in the Wizard Academy trilogy 😊. I am writing the first chapter and it is going to be long. So stay tuned 😉.
Feel free to use the comment section for adding your discussions and suggestions.

More love to ya all.

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