Wizard Academy - Chapter 01

7 years ago
Somewhere in the Kingdom of Kurzgezagat

It was the darkest night of the month. A man clad in dark robes rubbed his palms together as he paced through the deserted alleys. The town of Bedleton was under the spell of sound sleep with a few torches lighting the doorway of a late night tavern it was the ideal setting for him. It was almost the sixth hour, the midnight. He decided to pace his steps as he carefully examined the parchment handed to him.

'It is the fateful night', he reminded himself as his lips broke into a crooked smile. The Order was awaiting this moment since the day it was conceived ten years ago, and he found himself grateful that he had a role in the change that awaited the world. 'A New World Order' He smiled again. This momentary feeling of triumph didn't last long as he felt a weird sensation. He made a sharp turn into one such dark pathway as he sensed a sight trailing on him. Adrenaline pumped through his blood, his heart beats racing. A gaurd? he thought, no that can't be. No gaurd patrols the area at this hour. He snuck his hand into his long robe, revealing a sharp short curve blade with leather and bronze handle. The mission cannot fail now, not at the final stage he assured himself.

He pressed harder at the corner wall. Getting ready to subdue any foe that dares stand in his path, his path towards glory. His arms gripping tight on the handle awaiting the right moment to slit its foe's throat. And moment came and thus emerged a dark silhouette, faltering on his unsteady steps emerge what seemed to be a drunk booner. What a disgrace, he thought. His superiors must have been disappointed if they were to witness this shameful blunder. He cursed his sense of judgement.

At the end of one such pathway was an establishment that blended perfectly with the grey of the night. He paced the cobble stoned pavement as he carefully studied the doorway. Illuminated by two red wax candles burning at corners of the porch he could faintly read the words 'Alfutera' with numbers 666 embedded in just below it.

This is it! He thought. He shuffled his pockets to produce the parchment as he raised his left arm to knock on the redwood door. He heard a cracking sound followed by five taps on the door, each interval being a longer than the previous. He knew it was the sign. He cleared his throat

"Alfutera el sclano dibor"

In the world of Wizard Academy a day is divided into 8 hours starting before the dawn. Each hour is divided into two minutes.

Author's Note:
Hey there! Thank you reading the first chapter of Wizard Academy:The Knight of Esforzado. Though I promised that the chapter 1 will be longer than prologue but it would make it really boring so I decided to break it up. Though there will be long chapters in the future as I see fit.
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